Necklace Sizing

Women Chain Sizes:
14”-15” - Choker on a typical adult and a great length for a children’s chain.
16” - Typically falls on a petite’s woman’s collarbone.
18” - A very popular choice for a woman’s chain that falls just below the collarbone and is visible with most shirts.
20” - The most popular chain for a woman where the chain rests a few inches below the collarbone and just above the breasts at the armpit level.
22” The chain rests at the décolletage or low neckline.
24”-30” - The chain rests below the décolletage or lower neckline.
36” - Chain rests below the bosom.

Men Chain Sizes:
18” - Chain will rest at the base of the neck above the collarbone. Chain is visible with most shirts.
20” - Chain will rest at the collarbone.
22” - Popular chain length for a typical male. The chain rests just a few inches below the collarbone.
24”-30” - Chain rests just above or below the sternum.